Join art investments with institutions and high net investors.

ArtFlow opens the art market to new crowds, where average individual investors can gain access to the art market even on a small budget.

ArtFlow uses its advanced technology to distribute the art ownership among new investor crowds. Those investors can gain information, access, financial benefits and the prestige of being a patron of an expensive work of art.


Investing with Social values and impact.

Art institutional can raise funds by selling part of a High End piece of art artwork, while keeping the work in its natural place, hanging on the wall, exposed and accessible to the public. With that, art institutions will be able to fulfill their social missions and promote their future strategies and targets.

ArtFlow slices the art into digital units like shares, sold to accredited investors. The art pieces remain safe in the art institutions that it ‘calls home’, insured and under professional management. After a 3 year period, the art is realized according to market prices, sold to the art institution or to a 3rd party. Investors can sell, hold or trade their shares in the future.

Art as an asset class

Art attracts investors as it is regarded as a value preserving asset class, with low correlation to the global capital market.

The intrinsic value of art as a luxury item, can allow art to rebound and even grow faster than traditional asset classes in response to financial turmoil. Art evaluation has low correlation with capital markets. During periods of financial and political instability, art has historically been viewed as a safe haven, because it is a reliable long-term store of value as well as an inflationary and currency hedge.

This pattern is evident following the 2008 financial crisis: While the Artnet Index for the Top 100 Artists was able to recoup its peak value by 2011, the S&P 500 took five years to recover. Similar trends are showcased in the stock market selloff in 2015 and 2016. As the S&P 500 flat-lined, the breakdown of total sales value by price bracket suggests that High End works worth US$1 million and above were able to lead the market comeback following the 2015 and 2016 slump.

Finally, positive returns in the art market between 2000 and 2018 showed that Top 100 Artists produced an 8 percent Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) compared with 3 percent for the S&P 500.

ArtFlow Vision

ArtFlow ushers in the next generation of art investing, cultural and social impact investment models.

ArtFlow brings the art world closer to the masses, which look at it as being fairly elitist and somewhat intimidating.

ArtFlow provides information such as valuations and additional data for buyers from sellers, as well as traceability of artworks and security of transactions to assist investors with their decision making.

ArtFlow manages the collective ownership of an artwork(s) and art collections by creating complex smart contracts that grant access, in a fair and transparent manner.

ArtFlow slices large assets into smaller units. These are issued as regulatory-compliant Digital Securities that could be traded peer-to-peer. It’s a win-win: owners unlock value from their illiquid holdings, while investors gain access to high-caliber assets.

ArtFlow ensures public and private art institutions that are facing present deficits, to reduce and eliminate it by fundraising for a period of 3 years.

ArtFlow Team

ArtFlow integrates a proven track record in the art field, finance, technology and capital markets funds raising. 



A team of experts with decades of experience and knowledge in the global art market:
Handling complex and unique transactions of acquisition and sale of artworks by the best known Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary artists of the art history.

Dealing and consulting with sophisticated clients from varied sectors- private collectors, investors, institutions and corporations from US, Europe, Middle East and Far East – with the highest standards of professionalism, creativity and transparency.

Specializing in tailor-made solutions provided on a case by case basis, identifying and predicting market trends, finding attractive investment opportunities and continuous holding until potential is realized and treating valuations, legal and commercial aspects.

Miguel A. Ohn

Miguel A. Ohn

Serial entrepreneur and investor.
Master in International Law (University of Brussels) and in Business Administration (Columbia University).
Miguel is an Art Collector, Art Dealer, a Private Art Consultant and Collection Curator (US, China).He is also an active guest speaker at global forums (Art Leaders, Deloitte Art, business, technology, sciences or art fairs such as Art Basel, FIAC, Art Brussels), round tables and think tanks worldwide.

Andi Pelled

Andi Pelled

Managing partner and founder of the consulting firm RNGROUP which specializes in top boutique investments as off market fine art masterpieces and top private art collections.
More than 15 years of experience to worldwide top leading Venture Capital, Family office, Wealth Management and Asset Management.

Adi Peer

During the last 10 years has been dealing with complex High End Art transactions for investors and private art collectors worldwide, guiding, consulting and cultivating emerging international artists and promoting varied art projects.
Adi has a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts (Tel Aviv University) and over 15 years took part in senior management roles in marketing, customer relations and sales promotion in leading global firms as KPMG and Deloitte.

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Artflow uses a “state of the art” technology developed by Everflow, to create new market of art backed securities, using blockchain advanced technology. The activity complies with US private issuance rules (Reg A, D), funds raised maintains in escrow until closing and digital securities are always in the firm control.

Ramy Yarden

Ramy Yarden

Over 30 years of experience in financial, capital and real estate markets as an entrepreneur and director in public and private listed companies.

Art world 2020: COVID 19 and Post COVID world

The severity of the Covid-19 pandemic from mid March 2020 and the infection control responses that followed, has caused great uncertainties and potential long-term knock-on effects within the art market, especially for smaller and medium-sized art institutions and businesses.

UK museums and galleries fear Covid poses existential threat

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