All investment and banking services under the same roof

Comprehensive assets digitalization on blockchain

Digital assets issuance, banking and trading platforms.
Integrated security facilities using advanced protocols.

Full regulatory package

KYC embedded in smart contract process.
compliance using external cross reference.

Accounting and tax reporting

Financial reporting according to accounting standards.
Tax reporting adjusted to IRS requirements.


Everflow provides a comprehensive solution, using Digital Asset-Backed Securities (DABS), on its proprietary blockchain platform.
DABS technology provides lower minimal investment barriers, exposure to new and larger investors’ populations, higher cost-effectiveness of initial issuance and current costs for a higher return on investment, cutting out intermediaries in financial transactions, resulting in lower transaction costs at a faster rate.
DA technology enables liquidity, transparency, and security.

Digitized Real Estate Securities

By digitizing real estate, dividing their possession among many investors using Digital Asset Securities and exchanges, offering more transparent and detailed information, Everflow creates new investment niches for new investor populations and plans to thereby improve liquidity and availability, capturing the full value of the underlying asset, reverse market complication, and maintain cost-effectiveness and profitability for private securities markets as real estate investment trusts (REITs).

Digitalized Private Illiquid Funds

By digitizing private illiquid funds, limited partners (LP) of real estate funds, private equity and hedge fund investors have the flexibility to sell their holdings during lockup periods, based on updated information, for an efficient market price, increasing marketability and unlocking greater potential asset value for issuers. Private illiquid funds can raise more money from new investors knowing that their investments will be liquid instead being locked up for 5-8 years as before.

Derivatives and Other Illiquid Investments

Digitizing those asset classes, could free up traditionally illiquid long-term investments and opens vast range of securities as over-the-counter derivatives, syndicated loans, commodities such as oil and gas, and other private securities.

Co-Founding Directors:

Sharon Greenberg

Sharon Greenberg

Over 15 years of experience in executive role leadership and entrepreneur in IT and startup companies with a brand network of contacts in various vertical markets.

Ramy Yarden

Ramy Yarden

Over 30 years of experience in financial, capital and real estate markets as an entrepreneur and director in public and private listed companies.

Gideon Tadmor

With over 20 years of extensive experience initiating and managing Exploration and Production projects worldwide, Chairman of Navitas Petroleum. One of the founders and major drivers behind the success of the Eastern Mediterranean Oil and Gas industry.


Liron Langer

Business Dev. advisor

Liron Langer

Entrepreneur, product visionary and business builder, and global management.

Avi Spector


Avi Spector

Senior GRC USA Broker Dealer officer, Operation and IT management.

David Hilder

Over 30 years of extensive experience as investment banker CFO and senior analyst. FINRA BD licenses.

Everflow Directors Combine:

Listing Illiquid Assets On Exchanges

15 years’ experience of securitizing and listing over $2B illiquid global asset backed securities on traditional stock exchanges.


Over 15 years’ management and fundraising for global investments in real estate developments, funds and public utilities.

Digital Assets Issuance

5 years’ experience of digital assets issuance for over 20 white label operated and managed exchanges globally.

Alliances With Financial Institutions

10 years of cooperation and alliances with global financial institutions in marketing and designing financial derivatives.

IT Entrepreneurship

Over 20 years’ experience IT entrepreneurship including finance, capital markets, computing, cloud computing, internet and software development.

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