New Horizons for Global Capital Markets

Everflow revolutionizes the financial market for a broad universe of players.

Everflow offers previously unattainable, institutional-grade investments in a safe, transparent, regulated, and
liquid environment, thus diversifying investment
portfolios and building investors’ wealth.


Everflow provides a comprehensive solution, using Digital Asset-Backed Securities (DABS), on its proprietary blockchain platform.
DABS technology provides lower minimal investment barriers, exposure to new and larger investors’ populations, higher cost-effectiveness of initial issuance and current costs for a higher return on investment, cutting out intermediaries in financial transactions, resulting in lower transaction costs at a faster rate.


Everflow platform enable accesability, transparency, liquidity and security.

Investment early Preparations

We explores different funding alternatives to suit your business the best.
We assist with legal and issuance package preparation.

Issuance and platform listing

We list your current cap table and debt on our platform.
We issue the new round.
We use smart digital securities tech.


We explore together the end investor crowds, marketing measures, and media, using our investors base and our core partners.

Secondary Trading, Liquidity

We provide you and your investors with a trading arena ATS. After lockup period, buy, sell, funding, vesting, will be quick and easy. 
Real Estate, private companies’ owners and Funds GP’s, gain access to new investment crowds. Investors gain access to small tickets, institutional grade investments, in new investment niches, flexibility to sell their holdings during lockups periods.


Ramy Yarden


Ramy Yarden

Over 30 years of experience in financial, capital and real estate markets as an entrepreneur and director in public and private listed companies.

Gideon Tadmor

With over 20 years of extensive experience initiating and managing Exploration and Production projects worldwide, Chairman of Navitas Petroleum. One of the founders and major drivers behind the success of the Eastern Mediterranean Oil and Gas industry.

Liron Langer

Business Dev. advisor

Liron Langer

Entrepreneur, product visionary and business builder, and global management.


Avi Spector


Avi Spector

Senior GRC USA Broker Dealer officer, Operation and IT management.

David Hilder


David Hilder

Over 30 years of extensive experience as investment banker CFO and senior analyst. FINRA BD licenses.

Sharon Jones


Sharon Jones

Broker Dealer, FINRA & SEC registration, audit.